The ONLY Travel Debit Card You’ll Ever Need

Even though the goal of budget travel is to save as much as possible while still exploring the world, there's still one thing every traveler inevitable needs: Cash. But banks and credit card companies are constantly trying to nickel and dime you with ATM fees and crappy conversion rates. Say goodbye to all of that with the only travel debit card you will ever use!

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How to Book a Direct Flight to Europe for $5.60 The beauty of American Airlines Awards and tips on how to get the most out of credit card rewards

One of the biggest complaints I hear from prospective international travelers is that they would love to travel, but they don’t have the money; or, more specifically, they can’t afford the flights. Unlike our European friends, this is a legitimate and constant obstacle for American travelers wishing to visit another country that isn’t Canada or Mexico (if you happen to live within driving distance). However, we DO have something that our friends across the pond DON’T have: credit card rewards programs. And believe me, if you don’t think that this is one of the most versatile tools in your travel arsenal, think again.

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How I Made $18.66/hour by Sitting in My Car in My Hometown A guide to beginning “Mystery Shopping” with Trendsource (MSI Shopper)

In contrast to my previous post about the first interesting way I’ve made money, I’d like to update you on a current opportunity that I have recently tested: Mystery Shopping. Specifically, I’m going to explain just how “easy” it was to make over $18 an hour working with Trendsource and MSI Services. This type of employment can offer you flexibility in your schedule, choices in the type of work you take on, and an opportunity to have a different workplace every single day around your hometown.

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How I Started My First Business at Age 12 on a School Bus And What I Learned from It

Many people might ask, “What business could a 12-year-old start?” Or, more specifically, what business could a 12-year-old start that could possibly turn a consistent profit, all while attending elementary school, playing sports, and beginning a life in a new city? I’m here to tell you how I started my first “successful” business and what I learned as a result.

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