On the Origin of the Traveling Pineapple How a piece of fruit came to travel over 20 countries

 “Don’t worry guys! I’ve got the traveling pineapple!!!”

Those were the infamous first words I yelled to my friends as I jogged up to get in a car bound for Canada at 2AM on a brisk November night in 2014. The general response was an overall sense of… confusion. “What do you mean a traveling pineapple?” and “Why do you have a pineapple right now?” In a mock state of being insulted, I informed the car that you can’t possibly take a trip without a traveling pineapple! I thought everyone knew that!


My friend Bobby and I with the traveling pineapple on her first journey!

At that particular moment, I had been kidding. I had seen a pineapple on sale for $1 and had thought, eh, it would be funny to take this to Canada and have it be our group’s inside joke for the weekend. What I didn’t know at the time was that Bobby and I would soon transform Penelope (that’s the pineapple’s name) into a globetrotting fruit that has now been to over 20 countries! (perhaps illegally to a few…)

For the remainder of the weekend, we took Penelope everywhere – She walked around Montreal with us, survived her first snowfall, and even came to the karaoke bar with us where she made her first celebrity appearance as a stand-in microphone!

As the number of people asking about the pineapple we carried with us increased, Bobby and I quickly realized that we couldn’t let the idea of the traveling pineapple die with us on that lonely cold weekend in Montreal – no – the traveling pineapple had to continue to see the world, to go where no pineapple has gone before! As a result, Penelope has been on every trip that Bobby and I have taken since; she has seen the ruins of Chichén Itzá in México, crossed the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, taken a night train from Bulgaria to Serbia, and so much more!

The Traveling Pineapple's first trip to Mexico!
First trip to Mexico!
Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland!
Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland!
Crossing Galata Bridge in Turkey!

We soon realized that other people were interested in seeing the travels of this adventurous pineapple, and so we urged Penelope to start an Instagram, @thetravelingpineapple, and she has posted some impressive selfies from across the world! There is a link below if you’d like to follow Penelope as she traipses across the globe – who knows when she’ll be in your city or if she’ll ever stop traveling!!



P.S. If you’re ever wondering why so many of my blog posts have pictures with pineapples in them, well, let’s just say Penelope insists on being the center of attention at all times!


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