How I Hitch-hiked Iceland’s Golden Circle Alone in the Winter

$99 flight to Iceland: check. $2.50 Megabus to BWI airport: check. Screenshot of a map of the Golden Circle: check. My trusty carry-on backpack: check. Approval from my university professors to skip class this week: well, not check...but that's a problem for later me. What else could I possibly need to explore the beautiful country of Iceland in the middle of winter?

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How I walked to Iceland’s geothermal “Hot River” (Valley of Reykjadalur) A stop while hitch-hiking Iceland's Golden Circle

Am I looking for the "Hot River"? Well, I sure am now. The sign says to follow the main road until it ends, then you can park your car there and follow the trail for 3 or 4 kilometers. Right, my car. Naturally, I started walking with all my luggage (luckily only my carry-on and a bag of bread, peanut-butter, and some granola bars that I bought before leaving Reykjavik). After about 3.5 km of hiking along a desolate road, I finally reach an empty parking lot with a trail marker pointing towards the Valley of Reykjadalur (the real name for the "Hot River").

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